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1. "My father taught me..“If you have fame and wealth without happiness, what do you have?”… I believe the same as my father. I like the level of fame I have earned... just enough to live a life of happiness without the pressure. Health, Family, Self, and Happiness are all I need. I am following our family road map"

2. "Running like a smooth machine, with human instincts"

3. "My soul and passion with desire to continue the dream my father started"

4. "I carry with me, my father, our home,  his likeness, in all I do, and within that, I continue, our legacy"

5. "Hate" will not make you well..."

6. "Control the cherry pie and its servings, but never eat it all"

7. "I'm just a country kid, who came "Home"

8. "Money has no heart, it uses yours to live"

9. "Be "You". It's Enough"

10. "He Has My "Heart",  I Kept The "Money"

11. "The best way to describe my life: I was like a lost cat who traveled down many roads searching, until that one day, 54 years later, I found my way home. Meow"

12. "Haters are Killers. Let's Stop the Hate"

13. "The Secret to success is "Family"

14. Some people like to be mean and call me "Deluded" before a success is fact. I like to be called a "success", and is why I post projects after they are fact.

1. Poem - Just Me

Sometimes I can stay awhile, sometimes I have to leave, sometimes I am lied to and for that I hide away.

It depends on how I feel, how I read your heart, soul and mind,  I also feel I give love, am real, sensitive, caring 24 hours most of the time.

So if you ask me will I leave, the answer is yes I will, if I find our friendship, love, relationship is not good, drains us both,  makes us ill.

So my darling, this is the truth of me, I have a  heart of solid gold, but I also have a mind and soul that seeks to find.

People say so many things that can make me  smile,  laugh, or feel so sad. But at the end of the day, I am just me, a loving caring lady,  a singer,  I am,  Just me - Elaine Elizabeth Presley of Graceland! 

Written By: Elaine Elizabeth Presley

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