An Inside Look at the True Life Story of Elaine Elizabeth Presley

As a dedicated musician, Elaine Elizabeth Presley has been providing inspirational and touching music to those in her community of Memphis, TN. Not only has she built a solid reputation for herself in the industry, but Presley also travels around the Midwest and South to deliver amazing performances. And in 2018, she’s releasing a new book that looks at her true life story. Written by Irene Leland, the biography, “Kid of the King,” will soon hit shelves worldwide. 

Here’s a more detailed look at Leland’s work. 

Irene Leland Writes the True Story of Elaine Elizabeth Presley 

The Biography 

With plans to be released worldwide, the biography is expected to hit shelves mid-2018. This biography will tell the lost and untold story of the Graceland Princess and her life so far. In writing the book, Leland draws on her previous biographical experience. With several published credits that include children’s books, a true crime short story, and poems, Leland also wrote her late son’s biography. Her experience allows her to ask the right questions and craft a beautiful life account for any reader. 

The Gifts 

In fact, the legendary Austin Turner has already recognized Leland’s work. Last year, she received a gorgeous, hand-painted, and customized guitar from Turner, which is quite a prestigious award. On top of this treasured gem, she also received an Austi Bird, which is another prestigious and handmade work of art. Already honored to be writing the incredible story of Elaine Elizabeth Presley, Leland’s awards demonstrate her significant role in telling this story to the world. 

Until now, Elaine Elizabeth Presley’s story has largely been untold. But this biography brings her life and passion into the spotlight. From her musical talents as a singer-songwriter to her philanthropic philosophies, the book will cover everything you need to know about this talented musician. To learn more about what you can expect, call (901) 653 7128. Or, follow her on Twitter to stay up-to-date about the book’s release.

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