DNA of Elaine Elizabeth presley


My dna

This is my real life!

I am fortune enough to have both maternal and paternal DNA, being a two spirit child. It has been proven that I am my father’s child through DNA family tree positioning/matching, connecting to Wallace, Presley, down the line.

A bigger shock for me, finding out Mildred Valerie Hynard, is not my birth mother, instead, Wagner, Iversen are within my family line, as well as other connected names, making Priscilla Presley my mother. I felt and considered her Mom 4 years before I knew any DNA info, a meant’t to be Mom.

DNA Tests

I did not run just one test because people could say that is incorrect. Therefore, I ran 12 total tests with 8 Different top DNA Companies.

Family Tree DNA Kit Number: Elaine Elizabeth Presley 784236 = Positive. This resulted in my talking to my DNA cousins on both sides of my family, Presley, Iversen, Wagner, along with many other connected family names, as well as me being part of the DNA Presley History Project, which does include my father. I can tell you that it's the greatest feeling in the world to talk to family of mine and to have them tell me, for example, “Well, Elaine, I am Elvis’ 4th cousin.”, etc, and to have the DNA show it. Here is the DNA Presley Project:


The next DNA test was with “23 and Me”. “Living DNA” They have the most extensive regions, regions are not totally 100 % correct as yet. In order to gain all your regions, you need a few tests, like I ran, and then you can see your Kinda accurate regions. Regions are the areas where you are from. Maternal to Paternal, do change the %, from 0 upwards.

23 & Me/Family Tree DNA/Ancestry = Paternal DNA = Presley and Maternal = Holland/Denmark/Norwegian.

The below regional percentages change with each test you take, and differ from 0 - 100% Maternal to Paternal DNA. Listed are the main regions. We do have other regions as well from across the world in both Maternal and Paternal DNA.

English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh  0 - 53%

French/German                             0 - 21%

Scandinavian                                 0 - 54% Holland, Denmark, Netherlands.

Africa                                              0 - 2%

Jewish                                            0 -11%

North/Central America/Indian/Native American/Cherokee 0 - 6% Cherokee determined by my area of Tennessee within my DNA, matches America into Canada. I was happy to learn and talk with my closest Cousin, 20 min from Graceland.

I am also a confirmed Neanderthal.

44% of Presley’s were originally farmers. My DNA shows the same. Same on all tests.

Via My Heritage DNA, which is connected to over 100 billion records and almost 8 billion people. Results = Positive ( The results match Family Tree DNA, same Lab )

Living DNA England = Positive, with Wallace DNA clearly defined within this test, connecting also to Presley.

National Geographic = Positive. Deep Verification of my DNA, road-map of my entire family on all sides.

Ancestry DNA = Positive, confirms Paternal/Maternal.

Two other official tests, plus 4 Paternal, Maternal included = 12 Tests.

Blood Grouping Part of DNA Matching

Elvis Presley’s blood group is O + and Elaine Presley’s blood group is O - a parent can definitely have an O - child, It depends on the mother too. However, along with Elaine Presley’s DNA, it’s a 100% positive match between father Son/Daughter. Her mother’s DNA is A, B or O,. + or - If the mother is O blood group, then this blood group test alone, without DNA, could very easily with Elaine’s other factors be a 100% match.

Last but not least, another question of why I was born in the UK is being unveiled in my new autobiography, “Kid of the King". ( Also, there are no DNA findings connecting me with the parents, Mildred Valerie Hynard and Dennis Charles Mower, who raised me until age 13.)

For the curious minded, some connected family names are as follows:

Smith, Wallace, White, Wagner, Torgersdatter , Hood, Carr, Johnson, Mansell, Burdine, Rooney, Iversen, Iverson, Gates, Wesson, Huffman, Hoffman, Wright, Taylor, Adkins, Olton, Olsen, Strickland, Bell, Brown, Hall, Davis, and quite a few others…

100% Evidence Via DNA Companies. Thousands of Cousins DNA Confirming my Heritage, I have added a few below.