Elaine elizabeth presley is a professional singer, songwriter, entertainer.

Hello All!

Greetings to Elvis fans in America and around the world! I am the eldest daughter of Elvis and Priscilla and was born in the UK, so yes, that means I am Lisa's big sister. Nothing means more to me than the legacy of Elvis Presley and the happiness of our family; my life is dedicated to Graceland, and to promoting the music of my Dad.

So, where have I been all these years? Great question! It took me a long time to question my origins and eventually have my DNA tested. The results confirmed what I had already discovered during my explorations across the UK and the USA. I have been home in America for a few years now, and will soon begin to take on more responsibilities at Graceland.

I believe as a family with Melungeon and Cherokee heritage, we reach a wide audience, because we are a wide audience within ourselves, understanding and reaching nationalities across the planet, as we too are cut from the same cloth. We are a beacon of connectivity for all Americans, be their ancestors from here in the USA, or from Africa, Europe, Asia or elsewhere, or any combo of heritage. We understand white as we are white, we understand African-Americans as we are Black too, it's in our genes. We also feel a deep connection with the original inhabitants of this land, the Native American people, especially the Cherokee and Creek Indian tribes of our ancestors.

There will be some music in the future too, I love to sing and you'll definitely hear some familiarity in my voice. Let's keep the faith, hold the torch of Elvis high, and move forward in togetherness and unity. Hoping to see you at Graceland soon!!!

Yours Forever,

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Alignable Memphis Small Businessperson of the Year 2018

Nominated for Innovation and Responsible Business 2009 Prince Charles BITC Business Awards in the UK.

Founder of Elaine Presley Foundation, in Graceland

Founder of L & L Presley LLC, In Graceland

Graceland Family Home and History Museum. 

My soul and passion with desire to continue the dream my father started.

Be “YOU” It’s Enough
— Elaine Elizabeth Presley

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