Elaine Elizabeth Presley is an award-winning singer, songwriter, movie actor,  entertainer and author. As the eldest daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, she was born in the UK. So, yes, Elaine is Lisa Marie’s big sister, and nothing means more to her then the legacy of Elvis Presley and the happiness of her family.

Besides her musical career, Elaine has been active as a movie actress, including her recent role as actress/singer in “Chaaw”, television host on the Home Shopping Network and a celebrity on the Rew and Who TV Show in New York City. On the airwaves, Elaine has been a radio co-host on Rhett Palmer’s “Talk Live” Talk Show and also doing a voice-over for the Elvis Brightness Mexico Fan Club. Elaine is also known for modeling for Isabelle Benoit’s Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, featuring the Polyvore Line.

Elaine Presley is the author of her autobiography, “Kid of the King”, being released in 2020.

Honors & Awards:

Alignable Memphis Small Businessperson of the Year 2018.

Elvis Presley VFW Memorial Post 11333 Co-Creator with the VFW, Commander Kelly Eugene McDuffie and Team.

Winner L & L Presley LLC Most Innovative Music Publishing Company 2019 - Tennessee. US Business News Award.

XMA Noble Achievement Award 2018.

XMA Outstanding Musician Award 2017.

 Thanks Credit, Won Best Horror Movie Freak Show 2009.

Thanks credits for movies “Hand of Glory” 2012, “Spirit in the Woods” 2014, “Where’s My Wallet” 2014 and “Local Hauntings” TV series 2018.

X-Poze-Ing Born to Perform Outstanding Career Achievement Award 2016.

Nominated BITC Awards of Excellence. The Prince Charles Business Network 2009.

Nominated for “Don’t Be Cruel” Hollywood Music Awards 2014.

2nd place in Great Yarmouth UK singing and songwriting competition 1973 for her song , “ I Love You ” now known as ” I Love Christmas Day”.

Designer of the first mortgage advisory service in London 1982.

Companies, Foundations, and Memberships:

Founder of Elaine Presley Foundation in Graceland

Founder of L & L Presley LLC in Graceland

Co- Founder of A & E Partners LLC

Founding Elite Member of The Angel Network

BMI Member

Americana Music Association Member

“My soul and passion is my desire to continue the dream that my father started.”

Be “YOU” It’s Enough
— Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Elaine Presley Foundation Inc

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