Daughter of Elvis Presley, Parent, Grandparent and Sister - DNA Proven!


Elaine Elizabeth Presley of Graceland


Elaine Elizabeth Presley. Nickname, Elainee, Laynee. Singing since the age of 5 to an old record player in her bedroom, a singer/songwriter and entertainer, is the daughter of one very famous parent, and she is building a career in her own right.

Elaine Elizabeth Presley is associated with and/or has performed with celebrity friends and top #1 Hall of Fame artists, such as Roy Orbison Jr, Nancy Sinatra, Rick Barker, T.C. Eckstein, Jill Jax, Jeannie Deva, Lois Chazen, Natalie Jean, Austin turner, Jay Jourdan, Artimus Pyle, of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aditi Sethi, Daniel Barber, Georgia Paris, Tom Jackson, Larry Geller, Ralph Carr, Richard Wilkins, SherryJane Cooke, Clay Mills, Marty Dodson, and many more.

Devoted daughter, sister, and parent, with the love for her family and history always deeply close to her heart, maintaining strong family ties, while working to make a difference through her music and charitable foundation.

Elaine Elizabeth Presley is a multi award winning, internationally recognized artist with rave reviews from fans to experts alike. She has been coined as a five star professional. Elaine owns unique qualities of being very natural, down to earth and unforgettable. Yet, she enjoys the combination of being simple in her country girl charm as well as being quite sophisticated.

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Update July 10th 2017

Sherryjane Cooke axs Contributing Writer (Part of AEG Entertainment)/Music Publicity & Brand Mgmt., Near-Death Exp. Survivor/Researcher

This gem ( As Below ) made more magnificent by the perfect step cut in this emerald cut diamond, making it look like endless stairs to the depths of perfection is the heart and soul of Elaine Elizabeth Presley , daughter of Elvis Presley while he was in the U.K. She is true, honest and finally accepted by the Presley family and estate! Elaine Presley has been a hero to me! She refused to give up her truthful birthright as a daughter of Elvis. I knew her before the results were in! I felt her connection with her father much and she is now an accepted and beloved member of the family. God accepts the truth and works to restore relationships. I love you, Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Personal Info

I love my family and entertaining people, friends, being happy.


Americana Music of Rock N' Roll, Gospel and Ballads.

General Manager


Record Label

L & L Presley LLC


Latest August 2017 " Outstanding Musician Award " XMA Poze Music Awards Chicago.


Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie, Willie Nelson, Jim Reeves, Patsi Cline, Cliff, Richard, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin Connie Francis, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee, Peggy Lee, Dorris Day, Vera Lynn, Louis Armstrong, the big Bopper, Bill Haley and the Comet's .







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