Welcome Friends!

" Graceland Anthem " Single! 

Graceland Anthem is in the making at Elaine Presley Enterprises, Inc........We will announce when available, it is about the history and the future of my father Elvis Presley, with all my love built in, a song that continues his legacy, not only from the past, but way into the future.

My Career Updates April 2016 

Hi Ya! 

Just a quick note to let you know that in my respite, I have been working on my career, image and voice. 

My new website is located at www.elaineelizabethpresley..com. 

And, all my companies have been merged together into Elaine Presley Enterprises Inc. located at www.elainepresleyenterprises.com. 

I am contributing some great songs in 2016, and they are a mix of my own, those of my father,  Cliff Richard and others. ( I chose Cliff, as he was my idol as a hot star, and since his songs never fully reached America, I will be delivering them here. This brings it all together for me, Elaine Elizabeth Presley, the artist, and I very much look forward to performing my music for you on my world tour called " Living My Legacy ".  

My new re-mastered album, “Starlight Classic” is now available worldwide in digital form and will also be available in CD and vinyl forms as of May 15, 2016. 

I am excited to be here for you, and I cannot wait to meet you at one of my shows. 

All my love, 

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Release of Starlight Classic EP 

Artists often face many different challenges in the course of their careers. None so much as Elvis Presley’s daughter, Elaine Elizabeth Presley, who plenty of adversity on the road to not only follow in her father’s footsteps, but diverge her career from his. 

When an artist is the daughter of one of the most well—known rock and roll icons to ever live, the expectations for her can be pretty high on her ability to produce quality music, as if it were a genetic trait passed down to offspring. This is every day in the life of Elaine Elizabeth Presley, who shares an insatiable passionate for singing, songwriting, and all forms of music, just like her father, the royal father. Over the years, Elaine won a great deal of awards and praise for her music, despite suffering some setbacks that Elvis's children have experienced from individuals who would not like to see them succeed. 

Elaine has been around music her whole life and producing music for most of it. She recently announced a new album, “Starlight Classic”,  one of the tracks " Travellin Light "which reached the number one spot on the popular radio station, Power FM, and was honored with a plaque for the achievement. 

“It's wonderful to see 'Traveling Light' gain momentum,” says Elaine Elizabeth Presley. “I know my true fans and listeners appreciate all our hard work, and nothing feels better than having them enjoy my music.” 

Power FM Global Radio Network bases their rankings on a number of factors including number of plays, listener requests and station ratings. The station maintains their charts for the benefit of artists, record labels and related industry professionals, with high rankings, like Elaine's recent number one single. 

Fans have also been quick to praise “Traveling Light”.Emily from Boston said, “I wasn't really aware of Elainee Presley's music until a friend played 'Traveling Light' for me. It was stunning what a great song it is. I've since listened to more of her music, and it's hard to understand why she isn't much well-known. Hopefully that changes soon. Five stars.”


Latest Remastered Release. " I Love Christmas Day " Released In May 2016 for Christmas...Hey so we are a little early..


Remastered " Starlight Classic " EP Out Now!

Living My Legacy”

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Elaine Elizabeth Presley - Home For Christmas at Graceland!

 —  —

Graceland, Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116

Hi Everyone,

Full of love and joy for you, your business success, I am letting you know I will be home at Graceland for Christmas!, yes that's right the other great Elvis Presley's real daughter, here for my father/people and of course at home same as you all at Christmas. I know most of you do not know me yet or have a little hate in your hearts as I have seen that, all I ask is that you know I am like my father, to treat me like anyone else, have an open heart and mind.

My father left me all I need so there is no nasty business with money going on and any bad stuff shall not be from my end. I have this business Elaine Presley Enterprises and it does quite well. I will treat you nice, definitely support people as much as I possibly can and be involved in the community, charities, business meetings, along with the growth of Memphis.

See some of you at Christmas.

Many Blessings from me and the entire Presley family.

Elaine Elizabeth Presley